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Read 2006 car reviews on new cars.

Read new car reviews here at where you'll find first-hand impressions and professional opinions about the cars that interest you. Our new car reviews will give you details about all aspects of each car. The 2006 car reviews and tools in the New Car Buyers Guide will educate you with the facts you need in order to make an intellegent purchase decision before buying a new car or truck.

Tips in looking for a 2005 car model

Looking for a car you want? Then check out these tips that would help you buy a car based on what type you want. Below are some of the makes available in the market and this year's best cars.

If you want large, full-size cars. You might want to get Chrysler 300, which was launched in the middle of 2004. Chrysler 300 was built using special chassis engineering as well as driveline. Its 120-inch long wheelbase enables the car in having a wide interior and the car's chassis pedigree gives magnificent road manners. The wide interior assures each passenger with enough, leg, shoulder, and head room.

The car offers four power trains. The car economizes fuel, thanks to its magnificent multi-displacement system (MDS) that deactivates cylinders found in the engine if not needed.

Even the basic model has dazzling features: power amenities, nice air-conditioning system, keyless entry, eight-way driver's seat, tilt/telescope steering wheel, and stereo ready to play CDs. Other niceties include automatic climate control, blue tooth connectivity, MP3-playback, Bose Acoustics stereo, satellite radio, tortoise-shell trim, and navigation system.

Chrysler 300 is a classic, delivering more performance, style, and value than others in its category.

If you want a subcompact model. You could try buying the Honda Civic Coupe, which is regarded as the modern counterpart of the famous and classic '55 Chevy. Honda Civic Coupe is smartly-engineered that delivers energetic and youthful driving experience, inspiring a wave of admiration among car enthusiasts.

The coupe is available in five models, offering various features. These features include steering wheel wrapped in leather, unique and splendid aluminum wheels, a nice head unit, and decklid spoiler. Its stereo boasts of a six-disc player, an in-dash changer, auxiliary inputs, and playback ability of MP3 songs, which means that the car is perfect for your trusty MP3 device. Selecting the perfect model for you depends on your personal taste and budget, but clearly, the Honda Civic Coupe is superior in terms of quality, value, and reliability.

If you want a compact car that costs above $16,000. If you have the budget for a compact car that is over $16,000, then the 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid is the right model for you.

Known as the first mainstream hybrid car in the United States, the Civic Hybrid is backed by Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology of Honda. This model gives 93 horsepower and about 116 pound-foot of torque. The car's great efficiency comes from its support of the small and thrifty engine with only electric power if needed, instead of fuel. The engine shuts itself off when you are at a stop light, saving you fuel. Its quick-start alternators would ensure that you go on your way when the red traffic light sign stops.

The Hybrid offers features that would speak a lot of the car's generous amenities. These include cruise control, side airbags, keyless entry, and stereo with AM/FM/CD playback. The car also has a nicely-dressed interior, which like the car's bodywork, reminds you that this car is truly something special. The Civic Hybrid captures consumers with both efficiency and style.

2005 has not been a lackluster year for car manufacturers. Many cars launched this year boast of superior features as well as elegant and nice style. Go ahead and check out these cars before it is too late.


New Car Buying Tips
- Whenever you turn of change lanes, always signal several seconds before doing so, no exceptions
It's amazing how many wrecks will be prevented, because if you are about to change lanes and possibly hit another car, your blinker will give that driver enough time to take evasive action and avoid a crash that you would have caused.
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